Frank Zappia: piano player, singer, songwriter, composer

Frank Zappia is an Australian/Italian musician, based in Canberra, who creates his own version of "alt-pop" in a style which is sure to stir you up inside. His songs might be delivered to you with a direct hit or subtly sneak up on you from beneath the radar, sometimes with elements of humour and Frank's own personal philosophy and observations thrown in for good measure. You will be sure to experience something both unique and versatile, familiar but not, when you hear Frank's music. When not recording in his small home studio, you can catch Frank sharing his songs with real people, around his home town of Canberra, Australia and beyond. Sometimes it's a solo gig, sometimes it's in a theatre production. His instrumental compositions have featured as the soundtrack to some local short films. Frank‚Äôs love of all things piano and keys coincided with him learning to walk. He started singing for the first time ever in 2015, then gradually ventured into songwriting and released his debut album as a singer/songwriter in 2017, Saving Soldiers, produced by Freestone Productions in Canberra. In December 2019, Frank released a follow up album, entitled " Strange Life" which he wrote, recorded and produced. ”


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